since the last time i blogged, i realized how much things ive gotten! i purchased a voodoolab microvibe after testing it against the lovepedal vibe. it had more flexibility to me, plus it was used and cheaper. i bought it at truetone in santa monica, i love that store! i also recently purchased a bogner oversized 2x12 cab for $450! they usually go for double the price and more. i got it off of craigslist... im gonna switch out one of the speakers with a g12t75... its gonna be sweeeeeeet... the cab is pretty huge, and its super heavy too... ayyyyy (@ . @) alsoooooo, i have some pickups on the wayyyyy... SUHR FLETCHER LANDAUS!! and DSV+ BRIDGE BABY YEAAAAYUHH!! i cant waitttttt... im totally spoiled with gear now... i just need to save up for my dream shiva head... then maybe i might order a custom suhr... a CAE ground control...( @ w @ )

i had lots of fun recording last weekend... got the rhythm tracks done... i used my set up for all the songs except for one of them... in which i used jeffs bogner shiva!! but 6L6 version not the EL34 version... still a great amp though. christian will go in on monday to record his bass stuff, then dayna will go in after him... then i will go back again for lead stuff... and thats it! mix it. master it. pack it. sell it!

i also got to hang out with kazoowee and her roommates... that was funnn... we ate thai food, laughed alot, and took sticker pictures... and regular digital photographssssss too... what a funness. oz noy is playing today and tomorrow!! cant wait!

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recording next week

i will be recording my rhythm guitar tracks next weekend, and i will be tracking my lead guitar parts in a month or so afterwards... im thinking about getting a new head... either the bogner shiva or the suhr badger 30... i am also thinking of replacing my neck and middle pickups to suhr F/L single coils and my bridge pickup to the suhr DSV bridge, i love the way they sound... i am also looking for a univibe type pedal. so far, im digging the lovepedal vibe, the fulltone dejavibe, and the voodoolab microvibe... i also need a new speaker cabinet... im thinking of going with the avatar vintage 2x12s with a celestion g12t75 and vintage30 combo, the bogner over-sized 2x12 or the marshall 2061x cab.
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